APR supercharged Audi S5 runs sub 12 second 1/4 mile

I’m beginning to wonder what they put in the water down there in Opelika? My guess is that they are spiking the water cooler with a mixture of Redbull and Adderall! The crew at APR never seems to take a break and they prove this once again by releasing a new video showing several different angles of an impressive 1/4 mile run in an Audi S5 fitted with their supercharger kit. We first told you about APR’s supercharger kit for the S5 back in February and now we are seeing proof to the claims.

Modifications on this Audi S5 4.2L FSI V8 include the APR Stage III supercharger kit, APR’s RSC performance exhaust system, APR Carbonio intake system and if you couldn’t tell, an upgraded DXD racing clutch! This was not some 100+ octane run either, this was done on plain old 93 octane fuel. The results speak for themselves, the car crossed the line in 11.925 seconds @116.89 MPH trap speed.

Source: APR on Youtube