APR releases B7 RS4 supercharger kit

Editor’s Note: We have been following the progress of this kit since it was first leaked at the APR Distributor conference back in February. The details were vague initially but after talking with APR CEO Stephen Hooks I could tell that this project was different than most. Rather than showing off rapid prototype parts and hopeful performance goals, they drove a working supercharged RS4 into their showroom! I have seen this kit in person and it is the nicest supercharger kit I have seen on the market hands down. APR really has set the standard and they did not cut any corners when developing this kit. At a price of $18,999 prior to installation, it is indeed very expensive. However, those lucky enough to afford this kit will forget all about the money they spent once they experience the astounding 555HP on 93 octane pump gas which results in 0-60 times under 4 seconds! I am planning to experience this kit behind the wheel when I am with APR at Petit Le Mans in 2 weeks and will post up a full review. Full press release after the jump.

Press Release:

APR presents the Audi RS4 4.2l Stage III supercharger system.

APR’s Engineering Teams are pleased to present our first iteration of the Audi 4.2l V8 FSI supercharger application. Producing over 570hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque, APR’s RS4 Stage III propels one of Audi’s most prestigious performance vehicles to new levels of acceleration and performance.

Applying forced induction to a normally aspirated production engine is no simple task and APR’s Engineering Teams understand that new innovations, processes and components must be incorporated into the design to insure OEM reliability and drivability while producing incredible performance results. Within APR’s Stage III, you will find more components and higher quality parts at every comparison than with any of the competing products currently available. The goal of APR’s design was not merely fitment and operation but consideration of the long term effects of such a dramatic power increase and the overall reliability of the vehicle. Extra steps must be taken to insure Performance Without Compromise.

Not only will RS4’s equipped with APR’s Stage III produce blistering increases in wide open throttle acceleration, daily driving is greatly improved with increased torque and horsepower available in even the lowest rpm’s of the power band. Less downshifting for passing and greater rates of acceleration at all points result in a driving characteristic of pure enjoyment in all situations. Both Drag Racing and Road Racing demands are taken into consideration during the design and calibration process in order to provide a well rounded solution for all enthusiasts.

APR’s Calibration Team has spent countless hours in a wide range of environmental conditions to develop an ecu calibration that utilizes APR’s Stage III hardware in a safe and powerful manner. Hot weather, cold weather and everything in between has been considered with multiple prototypes operating in extreme conditions for long periods of time prior to the Stage III release.

APR’s patented EMCS solution allows Stage III owner’s to use their factory cruise control to select the best calibration for their current driving situation. Two different pump gas calibrations and a race gas calibration allow the end user to select different power levels for different uses and enjoyment at the end user’s determination.

APR’s Calibration Team has also developed calibrations specific to the fuel qualities in all areas of the world. Prototyping, testing, development and production is a worldwide exercise with APR partners all over the globe. Expect similar performance, reliability and drivability whether you reside in or travel to North America, Europe, Asia or South America, Africa and Oceania. APR’s Calibration Team has developed specific calibrations for your climate.

APR’s Patented EMCS Technology

Featuring APR’s Patented EMCS program switching functionality and DirectPort Programming, APR’s Engine Management Calibration for this conversion package allows for a range of Octane and situation specific calibrations to be installed simultaneously on your vehicle’s ECU. These programs and features are able to be cycled through via your existing factory cruise control and activated in less than 20 seconds. You will be able to choose 1 to 4 Programs listed below. You will also be able to add APR Security Lockout, APR Fault Code Erase and APR Anti-Theft features.

APR began supercharger development of the Audi 4.2L V8 engine in 2004. After several design reconsiderations and the availability of new technologies, APR is confident that the each component included in the Stage III system is of the highest quality and is perfectly matched to the 4.2L application. All components necessary for a full installation and enjoyment of use including the expertly recalibrated engine management software are included with the exception of an upgraded clutch for the transmission. APR’s Engineering Team developed and selected the best components possible, not a component that merely fits the bill but exceeds expectations in order to produce unsurpassed quality.

Here is a video showing off the kit!

Follow the link for more pictures and information

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