RS quattro Meet @ Audi Forum Ingolstadt


Words & Photos: Roger Mecking

Every year, Audi provides the Audi RS Club Deutschland e.V. the  Audi Forum Ingolstadt plaza to host their annual gathering. They provide space for up to 120 cars, while only 98 showed because rain was forecast. A great mix of cars showed up including many B5 RS 4s, C4 RS 6s, RS2s and many current cars such as the B8 RS 4, RS 5 and TT RS.


Some specs from  the meet… 98 cars, 44,260hp, averaging 452 hp per car, and over 650€ raised for charity.


The now Audi owned Artist Romero Britto RS 4 art car even made an appearance. 


It’s not an RS but it might as well be. The very limited A1 quattro even made an appearance. 


This Audi Exclusive painted RS 3 really stood out against many of the Black and Silver RSs.