Spied: The Audi RS7, RS6 Avant spotted with new 4.0L Biturbo TFSI engine

Editor’s Note: We have updated this post with a completely new set of photos that show us much more detail.

For the very first time, both the Audi RS7 and RS6 Avant have been spied spied in the wild, the RS7 is even without any sort of disguise. The RS7 show here is in a beautiful Matte Black paint scheme that looks as menacing as we would expect from the crew at quattro GmbH. If you look closely, the car next to the RS7 is ineed an RS6 Avant in full Camo wrap.

We are very excited to see that Audi is taking the tuning of the Audi RS7 and RS6 to the next level with a highly potent 4.0L Biturbo TFSI engine which is borrowed from the Bentley Continental GT and is believed to be coming with at least 550HP. According to the exif data on the photos, these cars were located in Las Vegas, Nevada and were likely out there for some high temperature testing. We can only hope and dream that this means these car may some day grace the showroooms of US Audi dealers! 

Photos have been posted with permission from the photographer, who has requested to remain anonymous.

18 Responses to “Spied: The Audi RS7, RS6 Avant spotted with new 4.0L Biturbo TFSI engine”

  1. 1 Fabryce

    Sign us up!

  2. 2 cosmo

    Those are pretty obviously S6 Avant and S7 sedan.

  3. 3 everso

    i think COSMO is right—–that is the S6 and S7.

  4. 4 JoshD

    According to our source, they are indeed the RS models! Do you really think Audi would put that engine with 550hp in the S models? Also, you have to admit the style also is more in line with the RS lineage.

  5. 5 Mike

    The wheel arches and front intakes are a dead give away. Definitely RS variants.

  6. 6 Bunn

    The engine bay shot is of the camo’d car.

  7. 7 dave

    They are RS mules – the brake calipers are RS. Also the engine is a twin turbo. Interesting that the turbos are on top in the middle of the “V”. Means that the packaging will be novel to say the least.

  8. 8 eric

    uh, I want some of that camo rap for my allroad :) that is sick…might cause accidents, however.

  9. 9 Sivispace

    Muy bonita!

  10. 10 Mike Pucher

    These cars look like S6 and S7 out the back with the quad tailpipes, not the oval ‘RS’ pipes. Pretty sure that both S cars will be receiving a detuned 4.0t, not the full 550hp version. Makes more sense to bring an S first before the end of cycle RS as well.

  11. 11 Adam

    If what Dave states is true with the Turbo’s being in the niddle of the V, it is the same design with the R18’s V-6 TDI.
    Audi truly trickles down the R&D from racing to the production cars.

  12. 12 Feedan

    S6 & S7 WILL have 407 ps from 4.0 tfsi!

  13. 13 Yankos

    Is NOT RS model :)
    This car is S6 Avant and S7
    Is only one sign for RS models, one big tub in left and right side :)
    Double tubs is in S models :)

  14. 14 Yankos

    and grill is difrent :) In RS models

  15. 15 JimtheDentist

    This might help settle the debate. Email reply I got from Audi NA President, Johan De Nysschen:

    “S7 next year, as a model year ’13. RS7, an open question.
    You might like the S7. 420 ps, 8 speed transmission and less weight than your RS6….and much more economical.”

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