/Drive launches latest series: “Inside quattro GmbH”


Our friends over at /Drive have launched their latest series “Inside quattro GmbH”. quattro GmbH is a bit of a hidden gem located deep inside Audi. They are responsible for Audi’s most important cars including the R8 and the R8 LMS, the entire RS line up and surprising the Audi merchandise. 

We can look forward to some amazing content over the next few weeks starting with an brief history lesson of quattro GmbH.

Jan. 14th – History of quattro GmbH (Chris Harris)

Jan. 15th – Chris Harris drives the R8 LMS at the Nurburgring (ChrisHarris)

Jan. 21st – Construction of the R8 road car (Leo Parente)

Jan. 28th – Audi Sport customer-racing: turning an R8 road car into R8 LMS race car (Leo Parente)

Feb. 4th – Audi Tradition Road Cars (JF Musial)

Feb. 11th – Audi Tradition Race Cars (JF Musial)