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Consistently efficient – the Audi A8 hybrid

  • The luxury sedan with hybrid drive is on its way in 2012
  • 245 hp system output, fuel consumption under 6.4 liters per 100 km
  • Four-cylinder gasoline engine, powerful electric motor and lithium-ion battery

The power of a six-cylinder model, the fuel consumption of a four-cylinder version: Audi will be starting series production of the A8 hybrid in 2012. Its gasoline engine – a 2.0 TFSI – and an electric motor develop peak output of 180 kW (245 hp) and 480 Nm (345.03 lb-ft) of torque. Average fuel consumption is below 6.4 liters per 100 km (36.75 US mpg). The sedan can travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) on electric power alone, and cover around three kilometers (1.86 miles) with zero local emissions at a constant speed of 60 km/h (37.28 mph).

Audi sets record for best May U.S. sales



  • May 2011 sales of 10,457 rose 13.6% above May 2010 sales
  • Demand for the all-new 2012 Audi A7 was strong for the month
  • Sales of Audi TDI clean diesel vehicles continue to far outpace initial predictions
Audi today reported its fifth-consecutive record-setting month for 2011 with the best May U.S. sales in company history. Last month, demand for Audi luxury vehicles increased 13.6% to 10,457 vehicles sold, from 9,205 vehicles sold in May 2010, marking the third-best month in Audi of America history.

Audi reports best-ever March U.S. sales and best first quarter in company history

  • March 2011 marked third-best month ever with sales of 9,818, easily eclipsing previous March record of 8,589 set in 2010
  • 2011 Audi A8 flagship sales help fuel 14.3% year-over-year jump in month
  • Certified Pre-Owned sales of 3,318 vehicles marks the second-best month for Audi CPO, second only to May 2008 with 3,364 vehicles sold

Audi today sustained its 2011 momentum with a series of record setting achievements. March U.S. sales of Audi cars and SUVs not only marked the third-straight monthly record for 2011, but also the best-ever March in company history and the best first quarter of all-time. Additionally, the March 2011 results rank as the third-best monthly sales overall for the brand in its U.S. history. The strong March sales represented a month-to-month sales increase of more than 25% over February 2011, and a 14.3% improvement from March 2010. The 2011 best first quarter in company history comes on the heels of Audi posting its best annual U.S. sales for 2010.

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Audi most successful premium brand in all-wheel drive segment

  • 437,792 automobiles with quattro drive produced in 2010
  • Broadest all-wheel drive model lineup in premium segment
  • Audi A4 and Audi A8 “2011 All-wheel Drive Cars of the Year”

Audi once again sold more automobiles with all-wheel drive than any other premium manufacturer. The brand with the four rings produced 437,792 vehicles with quattro drive last year. In the year in which Audi celebrated “30 years of quattro,” around 38 percent of all cars produced worldwide were equipped with the all-wheel drive technology. With 74,262 new car registrations for all-wheel drive models, Audi also topped the competition in Germany.

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Audi Names T-Mobile as preferred Wireless Carrier

Customers to Tap Voice-activated Google Earth™, Obtain Real-time Traffic, Fuel Price and Weather Information, and Access Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot

Audi today announced that T-Mobile USA, Inc. will serve as the U.S. wireless carrier for its Audi Connect systems in the company’s newest Audi luxury vehicle lines. Available with the arrival of the 2012 Audi A7 in April, the Audi Connect services include voice-activated Google Earth™, Google™ Local Search, and Sirius Traffic™ information combined with Google Earth™ imagery. In addition, Audi Connect allows users to obtain real-time news, weather, and fuel prices from other providers. Audi Connect is also able to turn the vehicle into a secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing vehicle passengers to retrieve information on the Internet conveniently and securely.

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Audi: Next-Generation A4, Q7: Aluminum-Intensive

  • Next-generation Q7 will be as much as 880 pounds lighter.
  • Using 18 different aluminum alloys in the A8, some of which it formulated itself, and that strategy will continue
  • New A4 design has saved 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds

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Audi sets second-straight monthly record this year; best February U.S. sales in company history

  • 2011 February sales of 7,753 rose 24.7% above February 2010, marking the best February by Audi in the U.S. market
  • 2011 Audi A8 flagship sedan sales rise 961.8% year-over-year
  • Consumers continue to demand clean diesel vehicles; sales mix hit 47.67% for the Audi A3 TDI and 46.23% for the Q7 TDI

Audi today sustained its 2011 momentum with record-setting February U.S. sales of 7,753 luxury vehicles, which surpassed the prior February record set in 2007 and bested 2010 by 1,537 vehicles. Closing in on a promising first quarter, February 2011 sales of Audi cars and SUVs not only marked the second-straight record setting month of the year, but also comes on the heels of Audi posting its best annual U.S. sales for 2010. For the first two months in 2011, Audi is ahead of the sales pace by 22.3% set over the same period last year.

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A8: LTE Mobile Broadband

  • Audi presents the A8 with new LTE mobile communications technology
  • Michael Dick, Audi Board Member for Technical Development: “We’re getting automotive LTE technology ready for series production”

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A8 High-security

  • Audi A8 L Security meets strictest security guidelines
  • Roughly 450 hours of work go into the making of the armored luxury sedan
  • Fuel consumption reduced by three liters compared with predecessor

Audi is introducing a new, exclusive model – the A8 L Security. The long-wheelbase high-security version of the A8 meets the strictest guidelines in force for civilian vehicles, with a host of special security features available in addition to its heavy armoring. At sales launch Audi will offer the W12 engine, with another unit to follow in 2012. Both engines combine superior power with high efficiency.

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Audi connect: the path to networked mobility

  • Audi continues to build up a network with the real and digital world
  • Michael Dick, Audi Board Member for Technical Development: “Current models like the new Audi A6 already offer trendsetting connectivity solutions”

The Audi vehicle networking strategy has a name: Audi connect. Audi is using this term to bundle all of the applications and developments that link current and future models with the Internet with their owners and with the infrastructure. Audi connect is creating revolutionary infotainment and entertainment functionalities and taking automotive comfort and fun to a new level.

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