Spied: Next generation Audi RS 3 test mule on the Nürburgring


We just stumbled upon this clip of an RS 3 test mule wearing S3 skin and yeah umm… we are in love! The 2.5L TFSI produces 360 HP in the previous generation TT RS and RS 3. We’d imagine the quattro GmbH engineers have been able to massage more power out of this already potent engine. The engineer driving is really hustling it around Nürburgring and we cannot wait to see how it drives in its final tuning setup. Call, email, tweet to Audi let them know there’s interest in the RS 3 and let’s hope Audi of America listens and brings this one over for us enthusiasts.

[Source: TouriClips]

9 Responses to “Spied: Next generation Audi RS 3 test mule on the Nürburgring”

  1. 1 Jules Cadbury

    Tell me there will be a five door hatch slated for the US. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

  2. 2 DJ

    Wow, will Audi have the ballz to bring it here?

  3. 3 Jules Cadbury

    Nope. Going by the track record they’ll wait for 135 or 1M to become popular than react being late to market and then dropping the idea altogether. The new A3 being sold as a sedan in the US is lame. Glorified Jetta. BMW has brought back their wagons/touring editions, mercedes benz never stopped offering wagons and even AMG e55/e63 wagons and Audi discontinues all the Avants and gives us the FailRoad with no real options and a high price tag and then wonder “Why don’t Americans buy this stuff!?” Listen to what people are saying… “WE WANT AVANTS OR S/RS Avants & Hatch/Sportbacks” GIVE!
    Sell an RS4 Avant or RS3 Sportback and I will be one of the first to place a deposit and buy the vehicle when it is available. I am tired of SUVs.

  4. 4 MarkFank

    Agree with Jules 100%!

  5. 5 Jules Cadbury

    Thanks. It’s just my opinion but I am sure many here can relate. I am tired of AOA not offering similar products or even OPTIONS as they do in their ROW counterparts. I understand from a sales/margin perspective it may make sense but from a customer’s pov it doesn’t and you lose your core customer who has brand loyalty and not attract the customer who is shopping lease incentives and will buy anything because it’s cheap, trendy or both.

  6. 6 Karsten

    Another vote of support for Jules comments. I have posted numerous times about Audi’s lack of bring the Avant product line to the USA. That is my planned replacement for the 2000 A4 that I have, but Audi fails to continue to support that option.

    Second, please offer a manual transmission option. We are not all lazy, and the Tiptronic was poor at best and has not gotten any better with time.

  7. 7 Jules Cadbury

    Sadly the only Sportback options we can expect are the TDI & e-Tron. No idea if they will even be all wheel drive but my money is on a FWD offering. If so then the obvious choice is a GTI and save the difference.

  8. 8 LaurenceE

    I agree with Jules 100%. Audi in North America needs to wake up. I stopped buying Audi’s for that very reason. They need to make manual gear boxes still to for these vehicles as well. This is the other reason why my friends and I no longer buy Audi’s. Wake up Audi!!!

  9. 9 J Hall

    This is one of the few cars I would actually order before even driving it. 5 cylinder, 350+ HP, AWD, S-Tronic, and HATCHBACK. I need the rear space and could not live with an RS3 sedan. Wagon, hatch or bust. Listen up Audi, you bring it and we will buy it!

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