Audi Q3 to get 2.5 TFSI engine with 310 HP

According to data we found over on, we are expecting Audi to release a S or RS model of the Q3 that will have the potent 310hp engine, the same base engine that is found in the TT RS and RS 3. Our anticipation is that they will launch a line of all new S model options within the Q3 and Q5 platforms with upgrade engines. We hope they include the Q7 in the mix too, but personally we think that they will focus their efforts on the smaller, more sportier Q3 and Q5 first.

The Etka data shown here clearly confirms this data! Time will only tell the details about the Q3 “S” and when and where it will be available. Unfortunately, at this time I don’t see the Q3 or Q3 “S” coming to the USA any time soon.

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Hat tip to @audidriver4ever

3 Responses to “Audi Q3 to get 2.5 TFSI engine with 310 HP”

  1. 1

    Just what we need another CUV, bring the S3 over or an S4 Avant or RS4 Avant… Why make a sport CUV when an Avant is better and already in production?

  2. 2 Hesham Fouad

    I think it is more important to put the 4.0TFSI in the Q7 and again think of a Q6 which is the Q7 less the rear third seat(to compete with the new X5)

  3. 3 Zachary

    This is actually a much needed model in Audi’s lineup, dealers can barely keep Q5’s and Q7’s on the lot right now.

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