Audi, Tagboard and the SuperBowl


The last few years Audi has produced some memorable Super Bowl commercials; The God Father inspired R8 commercial, The Green Police introducing TDI clean diesel to the United States, Chasing the Light introducing the LED headlights in the A6/A7 and this year they are inspiring bravery. As the Audi brand continues to progress they are entering new territory and making brave moves. Using Tagboard: Audi is cataloging your tweets, Instagram photos and public Facebook posts into a place were everybody can see and interact with them. Feel free to tag your tweets, photos and posts with #braverywins to join in and share your story. Then continue below to watch the latest Audi Super Bowl commercial.


4 Responses to “Audi, Tagboard and the SuperBowl”

  1. 1 Jules Cadbury

    Audi RS4 Avant #braverywins

  2. 2 John

    Be brave, bring in the manuals!

  3. 3 SpeedTriple

    Bravery means staying true to the Audi spirit rather than catering to the masses and breaking sales records. Since the disappearance of the allroad and the arrival of the Q7, Audi has been gutless in the US. Audi stopped pushing boundaries. If you really believe in your advertising, Audi, bring back the real allroad. Bring back the avants. Bring the RS’s. Bring the 3.0 diesels. Bring back the manuals. When you do half of that, I’ll consider you brave. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my FIAT and look forward to the return of Alfa. And hope that you listen to your own advertising.

    Yours truly,

    An Audi Enthusiast

  4. 4 Mike

    For every avant that is sold in the US, +270 sedans are sold. Those numbers don’t bode well for the business justification for more avants in the US. The US has more RS models available than ever in the history of AoA. With at least 2 more on the way. The 3.0 diesel will be available in the A6,A7,A8 and Q5 this year. The A4 diesel is still 2-years out. The US has manual options on the S4/S5 which the Europeans do not. I think they are doing a pretty good job for such a low volume car maker.

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