Audi USA President surprises and delights upset customer

We have all heard companies brag about how superior their customer service is. The mantra gets tiresome to hear and most of us just tune it out. Apparently everyone in business has “the best customer service ever!” The reality is that only a few companies know how to truly take care of their customers. The true test is to see what companies do when things go wrong, because it’s inevitable at some point. Every company has cases of upset customer, some more than others. Often times these consumers go online to vent about their experiences.

One such customer was user Datz from the Audizine forums. In a recent post he describes what led up to his frustration.

“I have been waiting for my S4 order to arrive for quite a while now. I ordered on December 9, 2010 and was told 75 to 90 days, even though I ordered Daytona Gray, a custom color. My build date kept getting pushed back, from January to February, to March and finally to May, putting my delivery date at sometime in mid to late July. When I got the news of the May build date/July delivery from my SA, I was not pleased to say the least.”

He then sent off some letters to several key individuals including Johan de Nysschen, the president of Audi USA. In those letter he stated his frustration and encouraged Audi to fix these types of issues if they truly wanted to become the #1 luxury brand. The main cause of the delay was a $2500 custom “Audi Exclusive” paint color. It sounds like he wasn’t even complaining really, just giving constructive criticism.

Much to Datz’s surprise, he soon received a phone call from Audi USA president, Johan de Nysschen offering his personal assistance to help remedy the situation. Shocked and amazed, Datz accepted the offer for his help. Johan de Nysschen personally called the head of production in Germany and had him move the car up the production line, and went even a step further and offered Datz the free use of a loaner 2010 S4! He also explained why the delay was caused and even pointed out some failures that happened at the dealership communication level that helped create Datz’s situation.

I can’t think of a better example of what true customer service is. This makes me proud to be an Audi owner and excited to see that upper management at Audi truly cares enough to get involved at this finite level. With service like this, Audi will continue to move towards its goal as the #1 luxury brand in the world.

Source: Audizine via