Audi Releases Full Line Pricing for 2018

Every Audi in the line, with a few notable exceptions, now has an American price. The Ingolstadt automaker has released a chart laying out how much you can expect to pay or each of its vehicles.

Destination charges of $975 apply to all vehicles, except the R8, which has a $1,250 destination charge.


The A5 family, the RS3, and the TTRS, unfortunately, are not included on the list. Audi has previously revealed pricing to most of these, though.

Audi promises that the TT RS will start at $64,900, while the RS3 is set to start at $54,900.

American pricing for the RS5, meanwhile, is not known, but it is set to start at £62,900 in the UK. We do know, though, that the A5 Coupe will start at $42,800 and go all the way up to $59,000.

With a renewed focus on sportiness and luxury, Audi is offering more luxury options, more standard features, and more performance models. Audi promised to reveal five more RS performance models in the next two years. With that comes modest bumps in pricing for most models. Price jumps range from $500 more for the A4 Allroad, to $2,000 more for the base A6 sedan.

You can read the full order guide by clicking the link below.