Porsche Proves that Germans Feel Emotions with Heartfelt Goodbye to Audi R18

The world of endurance racing was rocked earlier this year when Audi announced that it would no longer compete in LMP1 racing. As it turns out, even Audi’s competitors were saddened by the announcement.

This year’s Le Mans winners and Audi’s stablemate, Porsche, has produced a surprisingly heartfelt goodbye to Audi and released it on YouTube.

The premise harks back to a video that Audi produced three years ago to welcome Porsche back to LMP1 racing. The brand took its R18 e-Tron racecar to Porsche’s headquarters and with the help of some TV magic, wrote “Welcome Back” in rubber.

Audi wasn’t above taking some friendly shots at their sister brand in the ad, though, passing a Porsche tractor on the road to Stuttgart.


Now, that same tractor and farmer are back to wash away the “Wel,” leaving only “come back.”

It’s a surprisingly touching ad from the nation known for industry and efficiency, and we, frankly, can’t wait to see Audi competing against Porsche again, either.


This video first appeared on fourtitude.com