Video: Exclusive post Sebring race interview with Allan McNish

One of the great benefits of attending a race as a member of the press is getting to spend time with some of my all time heros. Allan McNish has to be at the top of that list for me personally. He was the very first Audi Sport driver I ever interviewed (back at 2010 Le Mans) and to this day, has always made me feel very welcome around the races. His acheivements as a member of the Audi Sport team are quite remarkable. His victory at Sebring last weekend marked his 4th at that race, and the 10th overall for Audi. 

I had the chance to sit down with Allan during a private test day on Monday, the day after their amazing victory. He had just come in from spending over an hour behind the wheel of the #2 Audi R18 e-tron quattro, and he shares his thoughts about the victory and the all new e-tron quattro as well! We hope you enjoy this exclusive behind the scenes interview!